Hub City Lithium’s development area is right in the heart of the Bakken region of Saskatchewan. ROK Resources

REGINA, STOUGHTON – Hub City Lithium, which is owned by EMP Metals (75%) and ROK Resources (25%), has drilled its second targeted lithium well, just a few miles south of Stoughton.

Pipeline Online spoke to Cam Taylor, president and CEO of ROK Resources, on June 28. ROK is the operating partner for Hub City.

This well is a half mile east of the first well, drilled last summer, he explained. It’s also a half-mile closer to the Viewfield Crater, the site of a meteor strike (astrobleme) approximately 190 million years ago and now buried under 1,000 metres of sediment. Both wells are about two miles west of the 1.6 mile-wide crater. The new well is at 4-23-7-9-W2.

Hub City is working on developing its PEA, or preliminary economic assessment. This is an important step for providing accurate information to the investment community.

The first well, drilled a year ago, showed the highest concentration of lithium in brines in Western Canada to date. This second well is an attempt to further understand the resource.

Taylor said they currently had a service rig working on the site, spending several weeks doing testing. “It’ll take a while to get all the information,” he said.

“We’re busy working on a PEA and we’ll incorporate these the results from the second well into the PEA,” Taylor said.

This second well is currently the planned site for Hub City’s first production pad site. This well will eventually be used for water disposal, he added.

In the meantime, Taylor said lithium explorers like them are currently focused on their direct lithium extraction technologies (DLE). That is the processed to extract lithium from deep sedimentary brines.

“Everybody’s focused right now on the DLE part of it,” he said. “And I think you’re gonna see a lot of that a lot of pilot plants, and a lot of people like putting orders in for their initial commercial plants. 2024 is going to be a year where probably three or four different initial projects get started. And then, if there’s success and the numbers all look right, then things could get busy after that.”

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