Over the years, I’ve photographed many of the drilling rigs working in southeast Saskatchewan. It’s time to renew the 12 Rigs of Christmas! Over the next 12 days, you’ll see rigs of companies still here, and others that have come and gone. Some have changed names and colours. People have come and gone. But you know what? Our industry is still keeping our trucks fueled and our people warm. Please share these posts – you might be in them, or recognize others who are.

To start off with, we have Stampede Drilling Rig 1, when it was nearly brand new, ack in February, 2014 near Arcola. You can see the Moose Moutains (that’s what we call mountains, here in Saskatchewan) in the background.

This photo shoot was the coldest photo shoot I’ve ever done. It was -40 C, with a wind chill of -62 C. When my Nikon touched my nose, it would freeze the tip. And yet these hands were still out there, making hole. Dave Shewchuk was rig manager. You can see him with the red hardhat and blue Nomex parka. These days, when he’s not working in Fort McMurray, Dave owns a golf course at Sandy Lake Manitoba with his dad and brother. I’m happy to say our family cabin is just off the 1st hole.


  • 0029 Latus Viro updated Latus phone
  • 0031 Lloydminster_Heavy_Oil_Show_2022
    0031 Lloydminster_Heavy_Oil_Show_2022
  • 0027 TED_NA Helium 2021_30
  • 0028 SIMSA_Energy_Forum_2022
  • 0025 Kendalls
  • 0026 Buffalo Potash Quinton Salt
  • 0023 LC Trucking tractor picker hiring mix
  • 0022 Grimes winter hiring
  • 0021 OSY Rentals S8 Promo
  • 0019 Jerry Mainil Ltd hiring dugout
  • 0018 IWS Hiring Royal Summer
  • 0014 Buffalo Potash What if PO
  • 0015 Latus Viro PO Ad 01
  • 0013 Panther Drilling PO ad 03 top drive rigs
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  • 0006 JK Junior
  • 0004 Royal Helium PO Ad 02
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The 12 rigs of Christmas:

On the first day of Christmas, my missus gave to me, Stampede Drilling Rig 1

On the second day of Christmas, my missus gave to me, Vortex Drilling Rig 1.

On the third day of Christmas, my missus gave to me, Red Dog Drilling Rig 3

On the fourth day of Christmas, my missus gave to me, Betts Drilling Rig 1