Good for the Goose…. Screenshot/YouTube

Quick Dick McDick explains what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and doesn’t call the cobra chickens once! We also see what a coiffed beard looks like, in several forms. You may need to avert your eyes for some, let you turn to stone.

Don’t forget! You can see Quick Dick in person, live, at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show on June 1. You can get tickets here at

And an update on the Save it or Shave it campaign for the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan comes at the end.  So far over $44,000 has been raised.

Be a part of the #SaveItOrShaveIt campaign for the Brayden Ottenbreit Close Cuts For Cancer fundraiser. You can donate at this link:

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  • 0025 Kendalls
  • 0026 Buffalo Potash Quinton Salt
  • 0024 Southern Bolt Katrina Southern Folk Rock Intro
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  • 0022 Grimes winter hiring
  • 0021 OSY Rentals S8 Promo
  • 0019 Jerry Mainil Ltd hiring dugout
  • 0018 IWS Hiring Royal Summer
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Southeast Saskatchewan Legend Norm “Pierre” Mondor