Pierre Poilievre took the stage briefly in 2019 at the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show.

WEYBURN – It was likely no small coincidence that Ottawa Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre attended the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show in Weyburn in 2019. After laying that groundwork, he’s coming back again, this time during his leadership run for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Oil Show chair Dan Cugnet said they got confirmation last week that that Poilievre would be attending on June 1.

“He’ll be attending the show June 1 at the Legends and Hall of Fame luncheon and is going to have some very brief greetings at that time. And then, the plan is after lunch he’s going to spend a good portion of the afternoon on the grounds for some meet and greet photos, and touring the show, of course,” Cugnet said on May 20.

There is no rally or further event planned in conjunction with the show.

Poilievre attended in 2019 with Souris-Moose Mountain MP Robert Kitchen and Louis-Saint-Laurent MP Gérard Deltell.

“As a board and as a show, we’re thrilled to have Mr. Poilievre coming, because he’s been a very vocal proponent for the sector and industry and for Canadian energy,” Cugnet said. “In Mr. Poilievre, we’ve got someone who recognizes that national security and energy security are crucially intertwined.”

Poilievre is currently the front-runner in the leadership race. When he announced his intention to run, Poilievre did not even he say he was running for the Conservative leadership. Indeed, he didn’t even say “Conservative” once. He said he was “running for prime minister.”

On May 16, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson posted an interview with Poilievre, touching on numerous energy infrastructure and natural resource development issues. That interview ran nearly 90 minutes, and in eight days it was seen over 1 million times. It can be seen below.

You can preregister for the show and buy meal tickets at Oilshow.ca. There is a $10 per day daily admission to attend.


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Poilievre attended the 2019 Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show. Here’s what he had to say about energy