Quick Dick McDick gets smarter every day. As for what he’s shoveling here with the tractor, maybe that has something to do with it. Hopefully it’s just feed. Screen capture/YouTube

Quick Dick McDick’s Toonie is far and away the the absolute best analysis you’ll find anywhere about the trucker convoy and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation and revocation of the Emergencies Act. He points out the absurdities from all sides. Some memorable quotes include:

“Like a bunch of chop train cattle come running to a five gallon pail, a whole bunch of kooks start clinging in this convoy like a fucking magnet. Before you know it, the goal of this convoy apparently is to go to Ottawa and they’re not going to leave until all federal mandates or dropped, or until Justin Trudeau resigns. And then there’s some kind of garbage floating around about how they’re gonna dissolve the government once they get there. But its tough to cling onto exactly what the goal of this convoy is because there doesn’t seem to be a real clear leader of the fucking thing. And that will follow this towards the end of the convoy and it will be their utter demise. So this convoy continues towards Ottawa,  turns into different races, religions, genders, all different walks of vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadian lives. And then the guy that has been dousing this entire fire of a situation in gasoline by saying garbage like this:

(Justin Trudeau)

“Small, fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing. Conspiracy theorists, and God knows what else go with the tin foil hat. ”

That’s just a small part of it. Quick Dick slays Trudeau throughout. He continues, “So that Justin Trudeau, like a spoiled little trust fund school kid that gets told that he has to go change in the public school change rooms, pisses his pants and hides like little kid because he’s a close contact the COVID-19 even though the guy has tested negative and he’s triple vaccinated. So when our clown Prime Minister’s five days are almost up from this bullshit isolation that he’s doing, he magically tests positive for COVID-19. Who saw that one coming? And then he has to isolate for even longer, and he’s basically missing an action for two weeks except to pop out of his little hamster hole every now and then to call this group of people a massive amount of ridiculous names and then go back into hiding. All that he’s doing is dousing this fire in gas. Douse, douse, douse, douse!”

That’s just the opening part of this 16 minute long video. Take the time. Listen to the whole thing. He makes a lot of sense. He takes on the Ottawa Police Service, GoFundMe, Fintrac, seizure or finances, questionable CBC stories that are pulled, mandates being eliminated by all provinces but not the fed, NDP support of the Emergencies Act, Trudeau introducing it then pulling it, defunding the police, ridiculous mischief charges, to name just a few of his points. Really, there’s even more.

He closes with slagging Trudeau by saying, “And after seizing bank accounts and arresting people in downtown Ottawa, he has the audacity to go in front of Europe and say this:

(Justin Trudeau) “Talking with people who think differently from us, is how we challenge ourselves to challenging ourselves is how we grow.”

Just watch it. All of it.

And maybe share it, too.


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