Glacial retreat in Saskatchewan, in years before present. Regina melted 14,000 years ago, Saskatoon did so around 12,000 years ago. Then in the space of about 4,200 years, it retreated from the top 3/4 of the province, at a rate of about 260 metres per year on average. Christiansen, 1979, Schreiner, 1983

Re: The Canadian Press op-ed: Ending the climate crisis has one simple solution: Stop using fossil fuels, published Nov. 15.

First off, there is no climate crisis.  We do have a crisis in critical thinking, integrity, and corruption. There is zero evidence that CO2 is the control knob for temperature on this planet.  The CO2 theory is a failed theory. It’s conveniently never discussed that CO2 levels on our planet were getting too low. I applaud the modest recovery of CO2 levels, it’s a good thing.

It’s an open secret in climate circles that the models are garbage. They run too hot. And yet, the results of these models are used to stoke climate hysteria and CO2 hysteria.

We’re in an interglacial of a still existing ice age. At around 11,700 years long, the most likely scenario is that this interglacial will peter out over the next 2,000 years.  25,000 years from now, most of Canada will likely be covered by ice sheets, again. As it was 25,000 years ago.

We now have an array of anti-human cults demonizing fossil fuels. If four billion people, or more, “vanished” in the next twenty years, I suspect these two professors would give each other a high five. Why are these professors so malevolently stupid and evil? Here’s the equation – Fossil fuels have built a great world. The death cult wants to destroy it. And some want money and power as it happens.

Robert Zalischuk



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The Canadian Press op-ed: Ending the climate crisis has one simple solution: Stop using fossil fuels