YouTube/Jordan B Peterson

Canadian intellectual, author and commentator Dr. Jordan B. Peterson spends a lot of time talking about energy in his Aug. 15 YouTube video entitled Back off, oh masters of the universe.

He ties globalization and energy policy, intended to save the world from climate change by making most people poorer. And yet the elites pushing this fail to give up air travel or cars.

Note that YouTube saw fit to put a “Context” disclaimer under the video, saying, “United Nations – Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.” It’s ironic, in that about halfway through the video Peterson talks about how he personally “worked for a UN subcommittee that helped prepare the 2012 report to the Secretary-General on sustainable development.”

Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“Citizens are waking up to this. Dutch farmers and fishermen are rising up. Canadian truckers are pushing back. And such protests are spreading, and increasing in intensity, as they should! Why? Because Deloitte consultants and like minded centralists are pushing things too far and will not produce the results they are hypothetically intending. This agenda, justified by emergency! will instead make everyone poor, particularly those who are already poor. This use of emergency force will instead make the lives of the working men upon who we all depend for our daily bread and shelter more difficult and less rewarding.

“Finally, this use of emergency force will also make the environment worse. Not better.

“Why? If you wreak your temporary economic havoc to eventually remediate the world, those who knew sacrifice so casually in the attempt will descend into chaos. In that chaos, they will then, by necessity, turn their attention to matters of immediate survival and in a manner that will stress and harm the complex ecosystems and economies that can only be maintained with the long term view that prosperity and nothing else makes possible.

“Critics of my view will say “we have to accept limits to growth.” Fine. Accept them. Personally. Abandon your position of planet-devouring wealthy privilege. Join an ascetic order. Graze with the cattle. Or, if that’s too much (and it probably is) then purchase an electric car, if you want one (but no diesel-powered emergency backup vehicle or electric power generator for you). Buy some stock in Tesla. That’s probably the best bet (but you don’t approve of Elon Musk, do you?). Stop flying. Stop driving, for that matter. Get on your bike, instead. In your three-piece business suit. In the winter, if you dare. I’ll splash you with icy and salty slush as I drive by, in my evil but warm Ford Bronco SUV, and help you derive the consequent delicate pleasure of your own narcissistic martyrdom.

“Save the planet with your own choices. But quit demanding that the rest of us blindly follow your diktats. Quit demonising and castigating us, merely because we don’t just happily cede to you all the extant power. We’re not evil just because we don’t believe that you are omniscient. We’re not evil just because we don’t want you to assume omnipotence and omnipresence too.”

There’s a lot more where that came from. Check it out:


Peterson’s work is now carried on DailyWire+.

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