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Dear Editor,

This is my letter to The Globe and Mail, in response to Gary Mason’s frankly insulting column about Saskatchewan.

The editors demanded full sourcing, which we provided. They still refused to publish it.

Re Premier Moe Wants Saskatchewan to have Nationhood Status…(Nov. 10):

It’s disappointing to read Gary Mason’s evident contempt for Saskatchewan and its energy sector, complete with condescending clichés about bunny hugs and the Roughriders, following the PM’s arbitrary, still un-elucidated cap on oil emissions.

Mason challenges Saskatchewan’s environmental record as “fantasy.” But it’s a matter of public record that if other countries emulated our (pre-Trudeau) regulatory standards, particularly around flaring, global energy-produced GHGs would instantly fall by 25 per cent.

The risk of a green transition that’s too abrupt or glib is the massive impact on jobs (450,000, TD report), particularly given that emissions from the Canadian energy sector have been relatively flat since 2000.

Mason incorrectly states that 40 per cent of our electricity is produced using coal (it’s 33 per cent) and fails to acknowledge our key investments in diversification and our federally-approved methane reduction plan.

—Bronwyn Eyre, Saskatchewan Minister of Energy


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