Editor’s note: Here is the verbatim press release from the Competition Bureau regarding the gag law imposed on June 20 by Bill C-59. Pipeline Online covered this bill extensively in this story and this column published July 4. You might want to have your say and offer some comments on the Bureau’s Guidance Feedback Form

July 4, 2024 – GATINEAU (Québec), Competition Bureau

Following the passage of amendments to the Competition Act on June 20, 2024, the Competition Bureau has received a large number of requests for guidance on the interpretation of new provisions aimed at greenwashing.

These provisions require that companies be able to substantiate environmental claims made to promote a product or business interest.

To facilitate compliance with these new provisions, the Bureau will develop guidance on an accelerated basis in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders. To inform this process, we will launch a public consultation in the coming weeks to gather views and input.

Prior to our consultation on the greenwashing provisions, we welcome comments on any of the recent amendments to the Competition Act through our Guidance Feedback Form.

The Bureau is committed to principled, transparent, and evidence-based enforcement of the Competition Act.


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