Editorial: Facebook and Instagram to start blocking Pipeline Online links on Sunday. This is 1979, on the way to Orwell’s 1984

I will be attending federal Minister of Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson’s event with the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce in Regina on June 28. He will be talking about the “just transition,” which means to do away with the oil and gas sector, one of Saskatchewan’s most important industries. But you won’t be able to share any of my stories coming from that event on Facebook, or Instagram. I don’t even know if you can privately share it on Facebook Messenger. Likely not. So a federal minister might be speaking about the demise of your industry and livelihood, and you can’t share or even read those stories through Facebook. There’s a wee possibility that “just transitioning” your job out of existence might upset you. But that story will be verboten on Facebook. As will every other story.