Alberta’s now 32 wind farms with 3,076 megawatts capacity put out just 15 megawatts at supper on Tuesday, and 3 megawatts at midnight

According to, in the 30 days prior to Nov. 4, those four batteries collectively contributed power to the grid just 339 minutes in total, out of 43,200 minutes available to them collectively (60 minutes * 24 hours/day * 30 days * 4 batteries). eReserve 1 Rycroft produced power just four times in 30 days, for a total of 90 minutes. eReserve 2 Buffalo Creek contributed power four times, from five to 16 minutes a crack for a total of 34 minutes in 30 days. eReserve 3 Mercer Hill produced power five times, from five to 16 minutes per occasion, totaling 42 minutes in 30 days. Summerview produced power for more time than the other three combined, but its four periods of usage totalled 173 minutes, ranging from 29 to 59 minutes at a time.